Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, announced that the NFL is filling approximately 7,500 seats with vaccinated health care workers at Super Bowl LV.

Each NFL franchise is getting the opportunity to select workers from their communities to attend. The chosen health care workers must have received both doses of the vaccine.

Most of the health care workers in attendance will be from hospitals and health care systems in the Tampa and central Florida areas.

During a Zoom meeting the health care workers from Sarasota Memorial Hospital heard about their chance to attend Super Bowl LV directly from Goodell.

“I’ve seen the work that you do… it’s just extraordinary work and we owe you our ongoing gratitude and can’t thank you enough… We want your team to be there,” said Goodell.

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In addition to inviting health care workers to the Super Bowl, the NFL has decided to dedicate time to recognize the work that they have accomplished. These recognitions will be shown inside the stadium and on the CBS broadcast.

Will only health care workers be attending the Super Bowl?


The health care workers will be joined by approximately 14,500 additional fans. This means that Raymond James Stadium will have 22,000 total football fans in attendance.

Health care workers and the additional fans will be following COVID-19 protocols that were previously implemented by NFL clubs. These protocols include mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing, two things that have become a part of our everyday lives.

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