No matter what your discipline is, just being talented is rarely enough. Personality is also a major key to success. NLE Choppa, a newly minted 2020 XXL Freshman, is a skilled rapper and has multiple big songs to his name, including his multiplatinum-selling song "Shotta Flow" and it's Blueface-assisted, platinum-certified remix, the track "Camelot" and "Walk Em Down" featuring Roddy Ricch. But one of the most entertaining things about him is his sense of humor and youthful zest for life; he can enjoy himself anywhere and can find the funny side in most situations, in addition to thinking quickly. That makes him perfect for this year's Freshman ABCs, where he says the first thing that comes to mind when presented with a letter of the alphabet.

After introducing himself, NLE Choppa starts with A, which leads him to hilariously choose "ass" while saying that he had to do it. You can take a guess at what he chose for B, but things take a much more relaxed turn when he gets to C. "Clover," the Memphis rapper says with a smile. "My beautiful daughter. I just had a daughter."

For D, he goes with one of his favorite activities, "dance," and then shows off his moves. Choppa gets "gangsta" for G while breaking down his definition of it, which may come as a surprise in how he looks at the word. "Hustle" for H finds him rapping along Ace Hood's classic track "Hustle Hard." Later on, when he gets to O, the rhymer excitedly shouts out "Double Stuf Oreos." He also uses R to share his goals of owning a special pricey car by the end of the year, and making sure it has a car seat for his daughter. Dad mode activated.

Watch NLE Choppa introduce his new dog, name his favorite superhero and more in his version of the ABCs below.


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