Yes, you read correctly, you could be approaching death in Alabama sooner than you thought.

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Those in Alabama should expect a shorter life expectancy at birth than the national average, according to the CDC. 


Now of course life expectancy depends on a lot of different things. That might be your family's health history, lifestyle choices, and even economic status. The CDC concluded that Alabama's average life expectancy is 73.2 as of 2020.

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Alabama falls in the youngest category of life expectancy which is ages 71-74. To calculate this data the CDC stated they study Medicare data, the overall number of deaths, and the basic U.S. Census data.

Now you may be wondering, what can you do to live past the average that was given to you? Well here are the leading causes of death in the state of Alabama. 

Based on 2021 data, heart disease is Alabama’s leading cause of death. With a death rate of 247.5, this disease has taken the lives of 15,173 Alabamians. 

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Number 2 is one illness everyone tries to avoid, cancer. With many different forms of cancer, you have to keep up with your yearly checkups, man and woman. Cancer has a death rate of 160.2 and has killed 10,429 people in Alabama.


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This disease took the entire world by storm and still is. COVID-19 killed 9,491 people in this state in just a year. Its death rate is 152.8 which is not too far behind cancer. 


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Next, there are accidents and the death rate dropped more than 50 percent compared to COVID-19 and cancer. With a death rate of 68.9, accidents in Alabama took 3,491 lives. 


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Lastly in leading cause of death in Alabama is a stroke. Causing damage to the brain, a stroke has killed 3,361 people and has a death rate of 54.9. Some symptoms of a stroke include numbness in the face, trouble walking, and blurred vision. 

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If any of these causes of death run in your family, you might want to keep an extra eye out. Also if your lifestyle choices can contribute to you having a life expectancy of 73.2, you should make some changes.

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