I was doing some shopping at Walmart, the Northport location, and it was SO frustrating.

What should have been a quick ten minute trip, turned into an hour long saga.

All due to the LOCKDOWN of every product in the store. It was entire aisles of common items, LOCKED UP because of anyone that has shoplifted in these stores in the past.

Thanks so much for stealing stuff and making us all pay.

Deodorant, body spray, razors and even the toothbrush!

Really? The toothbrush?

How many of those "toothbrush theft rings" are a problem in Tuscaloosa?

Is that what the gangs are looking for now? Initiation has definitely changed in 2021. I'm laying on the sarcasm pretty thick but it's so annoying.


The word is that shoplifting causes these corporations to up the prices to compensate for losses. Either way, WE PAY! We either get increased prices or an hour wait for someone to bring a key and let me grab the Old Spice.

The issue has, of course, turned into a racial one.

Why, why, why? With Walmart, CVS and Walgreens stopping the lock up of any black beauty products. And no explanation as to why.

A friend of mine recently informed me that her local store, in Georgia, was locking up the UNDERWEAR! Uh...come again?

Yeah, the underwear.


Nobody wants to hear that on the intercom.

What's next?

Watch what happened to this lady as she was shopping.

Thanks to Covid-19, I could live the rest of my life and never hear the words "lock" or "down" together again and be just fine.

In 2022, with all the tech available to us, there is not a better way for retailers to curb shoplifting? Without punishing us, the customer?

Is anyone in agreement with me? Let me know and tap the app below!

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