Dear Mr. Man,

Yes, you, the renegade driver of a pickup truck with a trailer. I’m calling you Mr. Man.

I know we are all in a hurry. This includes me. I pride myself on being on time. Also, I hate wasting my time, others’ time, and time being wasted. But, one area I don’t “hurry it up” is while driving.

Mr. Man, you should heed this advice.

See, my father was a stickler for leaving on time for everything, work, school, church, family trips, and the list runs wild. As for me, I believe everything happens for a reason. I feel like if I didn’t leave on time that was for a reason. Maybe it was to prevent me from something. Who knows!

However, I had the unfortunate incident where I nearly slammed into the side of your pickup truck with a trailer along with others on McFarland Boulevard. MIND YOU - by no fault of my own.

All the cars came to a stretching halt. I bet you a designer purse that my tire marks are still on the road. What did you do? Look at us like we were in the wrong and kept ongoing. Not to mention you pulled the same stunt on the bound lane.

This is what I probably looked like. I'm sure my facial expressions were something less desirable.

Jacob Harrison, Townsquare Media | Canva
Jacob Harrison, Townsquare Media | Canva
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Mr. Man, you need to check yourself.

Trust me, I looked for a car tag, it all happened so fast, and you were zipping away, I didn’t catch it. Because BABBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYY, I would have called 9 1 1 on you. And I’m not a “call the police” on everything type of gal. [Karen free zone over here]

Did you ….

… Forget that you were trying to cross McFarland Boulevard with oncoming traffic? No, I saw you look at us and you kept it moving.

… Forget that you had a loaded-down trailer attached to the back of your pickup truck? So It basically extended your length span by 2 ½ times.

Do you …

… Care? You clearly did not. Period. You put our lives in danger over your stunt.

… Have a driver’s license? If you do, it should be revoked.

Why would you do this?

… to join a crazy pickup truck cult?

… prove to whoever else was in the pickup truck with you that you are a daredevil?

… maybe you are joining the circus and this was a test of skill?

What did I learn from this?

I need a dashcam.

Try my best to avoid McFarland Boulevard.


Disgusted at Mr. Man

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