Community organizers have planned an "Alabama Against Trump" rally for the President's visit to Tuscaloosa tomorrow.

A Facebook event page has been created for the rally, which is set to start at 9 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday, November 9th) at Annette Shelby Park in Tuscaloosa. The event details read:

"Saturday morning at 9:00, we will meet at Annette Shelby Park (1614 15th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401) to prepare for an anti-Trump caravan through Tuscaloosa. [...] We ride out at 10:00 a.m. We wrap up at noon. Enthusiastic folks can keep rolling past noon, but everybody should be able to get hunkered down in front of the TV or in their seats in plenty of time for kick-off!"

Event organizers shared their reasoning for organizing the protest on the event page as well:

"We stand together as Alabamians who, proud of our people and legacy of struggle and hope, commit to our state motto—“We Dare Defend Our Rights.” We dare defend our rights against Donald Trump: a president who has used his position to violate the human rights of our fellow Alabamians because of their race, gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, or religion. Just as our forebears rallied against George Wallace and his armed guards, we stand against Donald Trump — a two-bit tyrant, a Yankee George Wallace — to show him and his cronies that Alabamians have opposed and will continue to oppose the regime of terror that they have imposed upon our communities. We dare defend our rights together as Alabamians, who love our red-clay hills and tall pines, our Gulf waters and wiregrass fields, our Tide and our Tigers, our slow-cooked barbeque and slow-steeped sweet tea, our long vowels and our long stories, in defiance of a New York president who would try to exploit and divide us around a pastime that has long brought Alabamians from across the spectrum of race, gender, religion and class to come together to cheer for what collectively makes us great: college football. Trump will not divide us. His bigotry, greed and corruption will not win. We the people will have the ultimate victory, and it will look like the scoreboard after an SEC champ whoops a Big East chump. We dare defend our rights. We are Alabama, and we have a ballgame to win."

This is the second planned protest in Tuscaloosa this weekend, as another group was able to raise enough funds to bring the "Baby Trump" balloon to the Druid City in advance of Saturday's game against the LSU Tigers.


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