We know that personal protective equipment is imperative during this novel coronavirus outbreak.

Due to the rules of supply and demand, many stores have raised the prices on a number of goods, and many others are simply hard to find.

The limited availability of masks have caused many people to begin making their own.  For some, the main objective is to make sure their families and friends have masks.  Others have a primary focus of doctors, nurses, and those on the front line.

Then, there are those like Tina Marie Price, who according to our daily has made more than 2,000 masks! This peek into her social media gives a glimpse of just how remarkable of a woman she is!

Recipients of her work are said to be healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, police officers, military personnel, local agencies and to those around the country who've made requests.  Price has even created a video to show would-be creators the process she uses to make her masks.

For more on Price's work and how you can help her with materials and other needs, check the hashtags #spreadjoynotgerms, #sewtinamarie, and #quarantinamarie. Source.

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