I am all about taking long weekends and exploring all the south has to offer. I really haven’t spent much time visiting Mississippi. But that is about to change. Earlier this year, I found one of the coolest towns to visit in 2021 was Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The best part is that it is only 4 hours away. Click here to check it out.

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Now, I’m adding to my long weekend list Oxford, Mississippi. It’s only 3 hours away, and it’s packed with eclectic charm. Here are some great places to explore. There is so much to cover, there might be a part two just focused on FOOD!

Blues Archives – The University of Mississippi Archives and Special Collections

If you love the blues, this is for you. Visit Oxford notes that the “B.B. King Collection includes more than 7,000 recordings.” Be sure to call ahead to see if they are open.

Burns-Belfry Museum & Multicultural Center

Established in 1910, the Burns Church was a cornerstone for African Americans that settled after the Civil War. Interestingly, it was “organized by freed African Americans who settled in the area known as Freedom Town.” Now home to a wonderful museum.

Lyric Theater

Look ahead to the concert calendar for the Lyric Theater. This place is packed with history. “In 1913, the structure was converted into a theater for live performances and silent films.”

Oxford’s Historic Downtown Square

You can spend the entire day in the historic downtown square in Oxford. It offers something for everyone. It serves up everything from shopping, art, historic landmarks, dining, and so much more. Also, plays host to the Oxford nightlife. Yes, I said nightlife; it’s pretty boomin’ too. Stop by Funky’s, The Growler, The Coop, and other great stops on the square.

Oxford Treehouse Gallery

Anyone that supports local and regional artists is a winner to me. This gallery "represents 20+ local and regional artists who work in various mediums including ceramics, painting, sculpture, metalwork, jewelry, woodturning, wood and metal furniture, block-printing and weaving."

Square Books

A treat for book lovers is Square Books. It boasts of having “four stores on five floors in three buildings one hundred feet apart on the Square in Oxford.” They offer Square Books, Off Square Books, Square Books Jr., and Rare Square Books. Great news, they have a coffee bar on the second floor and a balcony that overlooks the courthouse.

University of Mississippi

While in Oxford, you must take a drive or a stroll on the campus of Ole Miss. It is beautiful. If you are an Alabama fan, be sure to wear a t-shirt, I’m sure it will get the locals worked up. Also, Check back to see when the University of Mississippi Museum will reopen to the public. From what I hear, it is amazing.

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