Pickens County Hunting Property For Sale For Almost $11 Million

Imagine a private hunting trip with all of the friends and family you can fathom. It could all happen here in West Alabama for close to $11 Million.

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Owl Creek Plantation has to be one of the most expensive real estate listings in the Yellowhammer state. This property includes 3,040 acres, 10 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, amazing views, and lucrative hunting on the property. The price tag for this huge property sits at  $10,950,000. Yes! Almost $11 Million for a property right here in Alabama!

Owl Creek Plantation

The hunting on this property is a real money maker. According to the property description, they have strategically located throughout the property are wildlife fields overflowing with deer and turkeys, purposefully flooded cypress brakes for waterfowl and many deer stands only in need of an afternoon hunter. The hunting is so good in fact, several years ago the property generated over $200k in revenue from sold hunts. That's a lot of revenue!

How could you not dream of owning this property? Great hunting, the views are amazing and it even has a beautiful guest house with 3 bedrooms & 2.5 baths. That's enough for my regular home!

Owl Creek sleeps up to 22 guests comfortably in total. It's been used for weddings, social functions and operates as a family retreat site. I'm going to get my family and friends together, cross my fingers, and hope to hit the lottery so I can own this expensive property. Of course, I'd have to wait for Alabama to get a lottery first right?

(Source) For more information on this $11 million property, click here to visit Land & Farm. 

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