PnB Rock is clearing up a few things regarding his recent social media exchange with Rod Wave.

PnB hopped on Instagram Live yesterday (Aug. 19) to address Rod warning PnB about coming to his home state of Florida. This comes after the Philadelphia rapper made a comment about younger rappers making depressing music. He didn't name Rod in his initial remarks, but Rod took offense to it. On the new livestream, PnB said that he wasn't actually talking about Rod Wave in his IG post that started this entire beef because they make similar music. In the process of explaining, he referred to the XXL 2020 Freshman as his "fucking son."

"Nigga, I ain't say shit about the niggas that's making music for the trenches," PnB began. "The niggas that's making music for the hood. Nigga, I do that, dickhead. The fuck is you talkin’ ’bout? Think about what the fuck y'all niggas is sayin’. Like, nigga Rod Wave is my fuckin’ son, nigga. He makin’ music like me, nigga. Singing, trapping, rapping, I did that. I'm the one who started it.

"Nigga, Drake started rapping, singing. Yeah, he put he melody in there. PnB, singing, trapping, rapping, nigga. This generation, nigga. I did that. Remember that shit, nigga. Put that shit in your fuckin’ brain and slap it in your fuckin’ mind, pussy. ’Cause you fuckin’ my son, nigga. Anytime I say little boys, kids, if you feel like you a fuckin’ little boy or a kid, then hey so be it. You a fuckin’ bitch, you a little boy, you a little kid."

On Monday (Aug.17), Rod hopped on his own IG Live to call out PnB Rock directly. The St. Petersburg, Fla. artist made it clear that he won't be a victim of sneak dissing. Rod also said that if there's an issue, he'll make it difficult for PnB if he decides to visit any part of Florida. Rod isn't above taking the peaceful and nonviolent route in trying to resolve this newly established beef, though.

"You gotta be mindful what you get on this internet and say," he said on Instagram. "Now, if you niggas wanna duke it out or talk it out or whatever, but all that pressure, and beef, and it's smoke and all that, nigga, that means shit where I'm from."

PnB Rock didn't name anyone in particular in the social media post where he criticized the music being made by rappers that have come after him, but apparently his fans began tagging Rod Wave, which prompted a response from the Pray 4 Love artist.

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