Pooh Shiesty may be getting one step closer to finding out his fate in connection to his role in a Florida shooting in October of last year that was caught on video.

According to a report from Rolling Stone on Thursday (Oct. 21), Pooh, born Lontrell Williams, appeared before a judge yesterday and plans to accept a deal from prosecutors in the case and has changed his plea from not guilty to guilty. This change comes after allegations that he participated in a robbery that left one man shot in the butt and another in the hip. One of Pooh's codefendants, Bobby Brown, has reportedly changed his plea to guilty as well.

"We’ve entered into plea negotiations because there have been developments in the case that I think changed the dynamics of the case," Bradford Cohen, one of Pooh's attorneys, told RS. The details of the plea deal have not yet been revealed.

Pooh Shiesty has been behind bars since June—first at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, then he was later transferred to FDC Miami, a federal prison, after he was indicted on federal-level charges.

Pooh surrendered to authorities on June 8, following a shooting at King of Diamonds strip club in South Florida, which resulted in a security guard—who ultimately recanted his statement—being shot in the leg after the rapper allegedly fired his weapon towards the ground due to money falling out of his pocket. Shiesty was hit with an aggravated battery charge from the incident, which took place over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, but that isn't the only charge that has kept Pooh behind bars since the summer.

On June 25, the "Back in Blood" rhymer was indicted on several charges stemming from the 2020 shooting in the Bay Harbor Islands area of Florida. He was hit with federal charges of Conspiracy to Possess Firearms in Furtherance of Violent Crime, Hobbs Act Robbery Conspiracy and Discharging a Firearm in Furtherance of a Crime of Violence.

For the charges, he faces a maximum of 20 years each for Conspiracy to Possess Firearms in Furtherance of Violent Crime, Hobbs Act Robbery Conspiracy and a maximum life sentence for Discharging a Firearm in Furtherance of a Crime of Violence. It's uncertain if the time for the charges would run concurrently.

Nonetheless, as for the details of the incident, which was captured via surveillance footage, Pooh Shiesty, Bobby Brown and another codefendant, Jayden Darosa, were accused of playing a role in a robbery in the parking lot of the Landon Hotel in Florida on Oct. 9. In the video of the shooting that began making its rounds online months later, Pooh is seen driving a noticeably bright green McLaren sports car ahead of the shooting. There is also a black Mercedes Maybach that was driven by Darosa. Brown was in the passenger seat of Darosa's vehicle.

The three men were supposed to be meeting up with two other men to purchase a pair of high-end sneakers and marijuana, but things took a sour turn. Pooh Shiesty and his codefendants robbed the men of the sneakers and the weed, with Pooh allegedly shooting one man in the butt and Brown shooting the other in the hip.

A Louis Vuitton bag was also seen falling out of the driver's seat of the vehicle Pooh Shiesty was driving, which contained $40,912, and was later recovered by authorities. The serial number on the money also matched $100 bills that were seen on Pooh's Instagram page when he uploaded photos featuring cash and several long rifles.

Although Pooh's release date remains unknown, he's still putting out new music. Gucci Mane's protégé appears on the 1017 Records' So Icy Boyz compilation album, which dropped on Oct. 14.

XXL has reached out to Pooh Shiesty's legal team and a rep for the rapper for a comment.

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