There might finally be an end to the age-old debate. When it comes to fan bases who has the better? Alabama or Auburn?

I have to admit, growing up in Florida, I was never really a college football fan. Don't know why, but something about college football just didn't attract me. First, I called it boring compared to the NFL. Then I figured I just didn't like college football because I didn't know any of the players.

With the NFL, the players have names on the back of their jerseys. When I was younger, I didn't remember any college football teams having names on the back of the player's jerseys. Maybe there were some, but I didn't notice. This could also be pure laziness on my end because college football is a little exciting.

Well fast forward a few years, I now live in Alabama and I'm a certified college football fan. I'm not the biggest fan or a superfan, but I'm definitely a fan of college football now that I live here. Something I've noticed is that there are more than just Crimson Tide fans in the state. Some people actually are fans of Auburn's football team. Have you ever wondered which school has the best fans?

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I came across this Twitter account that put out a Tweet about the most passionate college football team fan base for every state in the USA. For the state of Alabama, Auburn fans were selected as the state of Alabama's most passionate fan base.


Auburn?!! How is this even possible? This has to be a troll account. Do you think Auburn has a more passionate fan base than the Crimson Tide?

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