Unfortunately, pets do pass away over time.

What's the thing you tell your little ones about pets passing away?

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Did they go off to heaven? On vacation? Go to sleep?


There are so many ways parents describe the death of a pet to kids and that's not even the biggest thing you have to worry about when a pet passes away.

What do you do with the pet after it's passed?

Some people end up holding funeral services for the pet. And they spare no expense when holding the service.

I've seen some pretty elaborate pet funerals in my day.

There is even footage of someone having a funeral for a pet goldfish with an obituary program and everything.

when it comes to pet funerals, sometimes it helps the owners or family members gain closure after the pet has passed.

My question is, where do you bury the pet?

Can you bury the deceased pet in your own yard in Alabama?

Christian Vuong

When it comes to pet burial laws, they differ from state to state. sometimes even certain areas within a state have differing guidelines.

According to Farewell Pet, when it comes to a deceased dog or cat, Most states require you to bury or dispose of your pet within 24 to 48 hours of your pet's death.

If you're attempting to bury your deceased pet in your backyard in Alabama, you can but Nursing Pets says that they have to be a minimum of two feet underground.

If you'd like more info on this, feel free to visit Nursing Pets or Farewell Pet.

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