Upon return from a trip out of state, motorists are greeted with signage stating "Alabama the Beautiful," a note to the beautiful skylines, wildlife, and landscapes in the state.

There's no shortage of lakes, streams, and rivers where enthusiasts may enjoy water sports, picturesque horizons (one of the greatest to observe in Tuscaloosa is seen upon the descent down Skyland Blvd), magnificent sunsets to behold as day turns to night, and trails among the forests for hikers and those seeking to become one with nature.

Many of those said trails begin at parks, from national forests to those owned and operated by the state and those managed by local governments.

One park enjoyed by residents in Hale County is set to be reopened with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, June 26 at Lock 6 Park in Sawyerville, located off Co. Rd. 15.

Pavilion at Lock 6 Park Credit: Travis Vaughn)

Organizers of the event say the ceremony will mark the completion of a pavilion and other improvements to the park and that several citizens in Hale County were joined by a diverse group of allies from around the state to work with the Corps of Engineers to make these improvements happen. The improvements to the park are said to be a collaborative effort of cooperation in a community, all made possible by a diverse group of people.

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