Organizers of the 2022 Rolling Loud Miami festival have released a statement in defense of Kid Cudi abruptly ending his performance last night.

On Saturday (July 23), Rolling Loud’s Twitter account featured a tweet from organizers showing support for Kid Cudi and encouraging fans to be respectful to each other and the performers as well.

“Rolling Loud is a family. Our fans, the artists, and everyone involved need to look out for each other,” it reads. “Share the love and be respectful to everyone.”

The tweet concluded with, “We love you, Cudi. Please take care of each other and let’s have an amazing day 2!”

RL’s message is in reference to Kid Cudi storming off stage during his set on Friday night (July 22) after people in the audience kept throwing objects at him while performing. In several circulated online videos, the Cleveland rhymer is performing on the mic when suddenly an apparent bottle smacks him in the face.

A frustrated Cudi then told people in the audience to not throw any more objects onstage. "I will fucking leave,” he warned. “If I get hit with one more fucking thing—if I see one more fucking thing on this fucking stage, I’m leaving. Don’t fuck with me.”

Seconds later, another object was hurtled toward the stage, which prompted Cudi to drop his microphone and walk off stage without saying a word. While him ending his show in mid-performance did leave some fans disappointed, the Rolling Loud organizers feel that Cudi’s actions were justified.

Meanwhile, another video has been circulating on social media of the alleged culprit who threw the object that made Kid Cudi leave the stage. Watch it below.

Cudi was picked to headline the first day of the 2022 Rolling Loud Miami festival, replacing Kanye West who pulled out from performing earlier this week for unexplained reasons. Nevertheless, Ye did manage to appear at the festival with a surprise performance of "Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1"—a song that originally featured Cudi—during Lil Durk’s set.

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