Sheck Wes takes on the titular role in Kanye West's new Nebuchadnezzar opera.

On Sunday night (Nov. 24), the Jesus Is King rapper debuted his first-ever opera Nebuchadnezzar at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Calif. In the theatrical showcase, West retold the story of King Nebuchadnezzar. According to the Book of Daniel within the Bible, Nebuchadnezzar was a revered Babylonian king of ancient Mesopotamia and ruled the Neo-Babylonian Empire from 605 BC to 562 BC.

During the show, 'Ye narrated the tale while Sheck brought Nebuchadnezzar to life while surrounded by the rapper-producer's Sunday Service choir, who were all dressed in white. The "Mo Bamba" rapper appeared to be dedicated to his role as he dominated the stage with an engaging performance throughout the entire show. He wore an oversized blue poncho-inspired costume and white sandals, which look like they may have come straight out of a Yeezy collection.

Nebuchadnezzar was directed by Italian contemporary performance artist Vanessa Beecroft and featured music by ‘Ye’s Sunday Service gospel group, as well as Peter Collins & Infinities Song.

"West conceived of this opera as an expression of his commitment to both his faith and ever-expanding musical palette," reads a press release for the show. "Nebuchadnezzar brings together elements from different worlds, including opera, fine art, modern dance, and gospel music, to create an innovative performance structure. West’s sound is the bridge between these artforms."

While Sheck Wes was a part of the show, other stars like Chance The Rapper were in attendance to watch Kanye's first venture into the opera scene. Check out videos and behind-the-scenes content of the show from Kanye below.

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