SheSoDope - Black Business Friday

We are celebrating Black-Owned Businesses on Black Friday, November 29, 2019.  Here at 92.9 WTUG, Praise 93.3/WTSK, and 105.1 The Block, we feel it is vital to support black-owned businesses.

SheSoDope was created to highlight women who are strong, dedicated, hard-working, ambitious, and determined to succeed. We sought a way to acknowledge the everyday female working towards their goals despite life's obstacles. SheSoDope strives to empower young girls and women and encourages entrepreneurship, higher education, networking, and general support for other women. For all of the ladies raising young kings and queens, starting a business, going to school, climbing corporate ladders, teaching and molding our youth, risking their lives to protect the people, and to the ladies who have dedicated their lives to helping or healing others, we appreciate you. SheSoDope was created in hopes of shedding a positive light on the exceptional females that are oftentimes overlooked and not highlighted by mainstream media. The next time you spot one of these exceptional women, let her know that SheSoDope!


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