Snorkeling: A Great Way To Explore The Ocean

Today (July 30, 2020) is World Snorkeling Day.  So, I figured I would share one of the neatest adventures I experienced, which was snorkeling in Puerto Rico.  It was a fantastic trip with my family and friends.  For me, snorkeling is a way to take in all the ocean has to offer but not the commitment that scuba diving requires and takes more training to execute.   The short story of my last adventure is that the water was amazing, the fish were vibrant, and the rum punch was refreshing.  SUBEA Smile Underwater offers up “10 Reasons To Take Up Snorkeling” to give you some insight into this excellent water sport.  “1) An accessible aquatic activity and for the whole family 2) Simple equipment – Mask, Snorkel, & pair of fins 3) The ideal vacation activity 4) Guaranteed enjoyment 5) Discover the underwater world 6) Sharing 7) It’s an aquatic activity but a physical one 8) Relaxation 9) Snorkeling, the first step towards scuba diving and 10) An activity that’s easy to try.

I have family that lives in Puerto Rico, so I always get the real deal visits, nothing too touristy.  Roadside cafes, domino games in the backyard with fresh chicharrones, which is a thin cut of pork belly, and of course, an endless supply of rum.  Our journey to snorkeling started on a chartered catamaran charter boat, which was fun within itself.  When we got to the snorkeling location, we had the opportunity to jump off the side of the boat, which of course, I did.  [Side note, apparently there is a theme of me jumping off boats]  I saw some of the most vibrant fish I have ever laid eyes on.

The most important part of the snorkeling excursion is that family and friends surrounded me.  I couldn’t put a price on the bonding time we had during the trip.  The daredevil side of me did convince my family to swim out further than the rest of the group.  It was exhausting to swim back to the boat because swimming against the current, and we were tired.   But, back to the boat, we went to travel to the next snorkel destination.  On this swim out, we stay closer to the boat, and I even got to see a jellyfish up close and personal.  My family said that my friend and I that we practically walked on water.  After that encounter, we got back on the boat.  We enjoyed a festive traditional Puerto Rican lunch followed by rum punch on the ride back to the island.   Needless to say, I was pretty happy at the end of the trip, which the rum punch might have had something to do with that!

(Source) For more from SUBEA Smile Underwater, click here.

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