Sunday September 15th, Rickey Smiley hosted the Battle for Birmingham at Legion Field. The inaugural event had all six of Alabama's HBCU bands in attendance facing off to be crowned the king of Alabama marching bands!

Being new to Alabama, and a bandhead myself, I enjoyed watching this event! Sunday evening, one thing was clear, the Stillman Marching Band was there to handle business! The Pride of The South held their own in the stands amongst Alabama State University, Miles College, Talladega College and more!



Each band performed in the stands, as well as on the field. I think it's clear to say that hands down, The Stillman College Pride Of The South Marching band stole the show on the field!



As a tuba player, I couldn't help but notice the very unique contra bass tubas Stillman used this weekend. I can honestly say I've NEVER seen an HBCU marching band tuba section use those horns. Not only did they march with them, but the sound was amazing! Bravo! They even took time to thank  their current and new fanbase on Instagram.



Stillman College has definitely earned a new fan in me and I can't wait to hit a band practice one day soon!



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