Study Reveals The Happiest Cities In Alabama

Which cities made the list? This study revealed the happiest cities in the state of Alabama.

Being from Florida, I can say that I've learned a lot about what makes people happy. Back home, it was completely different. A common day with the family in our book would be a day out at a theme park, some local attraction like a go-kart track, or a waterpark. I get to Alabama and find out that it's not even close to being the same here.

What I've found, is that Alabamians are much simpler in what they need to be happy. They enjoy the small things in life while still appreciating the big things. So a day out with the family could be fishing at a nearby creek or going to the park. I've actually grown to love that difference.

Moving here showed me that different cities and states require different things to be happy. With COVID-19 causing an increasing amount of stress on people and their families, being happy is essential to our mental health. As this Wallet Hub study may show, moving to a certain city may help you be more content.

To determine which of the over 180 largest U.S cities had the happiest people, they looked at each city based on 31 indicators of happiness. The city's depression rate, income-growth rate, and average leisure time per day were all included.

At the end of the study, it was concluded that the happiest city in the nation is Fremont, California.

The happiest cities in the Yellowhammer state turned out to be Montgomery, Huntsville,  Birmingham, and Mobile. Huntsville ranked as the happiest among the four cities.

To see the full results of the study on Wallet Hub, click here. 

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