Last month, Summer Walker announced that she would cancel over half of her  "First & Last Tour" due to Social Anxiety. Fans were outraged, some fans were forgiving as well with her decision. She posted on Instagram "I'm grateful for every single one of you, and I hope that you understand that wellness/mental health is important."


Since her announcement, many have been trolling her online with every public appearance, every Instagram video post, and performance. Her most recent incident occurred in Toronto where she is seen walking off stage in the middle of her performance due to sound issues.

Fans were quick to voice their frustrations about how her social anxiety may or may not play a role in her actions.


Summer Walker has had enough and recently took to Instagram Live to address her fans, websites and blogs.



Personally, I side with Summer Walker on this one. Her coming out and admitting she has social anxiety is already hard enough, let alone dealing with it on a daily basis. The last thing people need is to be constantly tore down when they really need support and understanding. W use celebrities as punching bags and don't care to address the fact that they're human too. I'm really proud of her for speaking out and taking control of her situation, no matter her celebrity status.

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