Exclusive: Nick Saban Reveals Secret He Kept From Bill Belichick Until Now
As a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, we are so blessed. Sometimes we take our incredibly fortunate situation for granted. I'm talkin about having the GOAT on our sideline every week in the fall. COACH NICK SABAN. On his radio show, Hey Coach, every Thursday night on 95.3 The Bear, he gives us plenty of insight on how the season is going (and will go in the future).
Some Of The Most Unusual Things To Do In Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Personally, I like odd. Strange, peculiar, bizarre, eccentric, freakish, quirky things. I think crazy people are happier than the rest of us. They don't know they are crazy. I have lived in Tuscaloosa, off and on, since 1988. I thought I knew lots about Tuscaloosa.
Tuscaloosa Police Officers Awarded The Medal Of Valor
I really love reporting stories like this one. Police officers have thousands and thousands of interactions each day across Tuscaloosa and the USA. So often, these men and women do something great for us citizens. Most of the time, these great stories are never reported.
Haunted Northport Mystery: Look Close At These Photos
Happy Halloween! This is how it all we go to Northport, Alabama. A listener of the Steve & DC Show on 95.3 The Bear contacted us with a mystery. A haunting mystery in 2021. This individual does not want us to give any names or exact locations.

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