Nick Saban

Nick Saban Responds to Jimbo Fisher’s Comments
The offseason is the talking season and with spring practices concluded and the NFL Draft come and gone, we have officially made it to the offseason. Last week, while meeting with the Houston Touchdown Club, Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher assured his fans that he would beat Alabama while Crimson T…
How Much Longer Will Saban Lead The Crimson Tide?
Saban has been involved in the game of football at the college and professional level for the last 50 years, dating back to his playing days at Kent State in 1970. He is now college football's third oldest coach, begging the question, how much longer will Alabama be led by college football'…
Nick Saban Contemplating the Return of Noontime Basketball
Saban has been transparent about his love for basketball and how much he enjoys playing in the afternoons with his staff and other members of the Alabama athletic department. Saban hinted that he may be ready to get back to the hardwood after undergoing a hip replacement in the spring of 2019.

Could The Sabans Be On The Move?
Will Saban have to make a move in order to keep an edge over the rest of college football? One coach may force Saban to pack up his belongings and make an adjustment to his lifestyle.

Alabama A-Day Brings In The Views
The university set a maximum capacity of 50% for A-Day in Bryant Denny which can hold 101,821 people. The game brought in 47,218 fans which is the largest crowd at a sporting event since the start of Covid-19.

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