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These Are The Cheapest Cities In Alabama To Live In
OK now, raise your hand if you hate to save money! Yeah, I don't see you (or anyone) raising their hand. According to rent.com, these are the best, or cheapest cities to live in throughout the state of Alabama. You might be surprised where some cities rank and it could influence future moves.
FIRST LOOK: Hollywood Movie Filmed In Tuscaloosa And Birmingham
Hollywood likes to make fun of Alabama. They have for decades. However, in recent years they can't get enough of filming in cities like Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Mobile. Bruce Willis has been in Tuscaloosa as well as Birmingham working on a major motion picture. We have all heard about Atlanta becoming "Hollywood South" but it looks like Hollywood just prefers the SOUTH.
Exclusive: Nick Saban Reveals Secret He Kept From Bill Belichick Until Now
As a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, we are so blessed. Sometimes we take our incredibly fortunate situation for granted. I'm talkin about having the GOAT on our sideline every week in the fall. COACH NICK SABAN. On his radio show, Hey Coach, every Thursday night on 95.3 The Bear, he gives us plenty of insight on how the season is going (and will go in the future).
Some Of The Most Unusual Things To Do In Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Personally, I like odd. Strange, peculiar, bizarre, eccentric, freakish, quirky things. I think crazy people are happier than the rest of us. They don't know they are crazy. I have lived in Tuscaloosa, off and on, since 1988. I thought I knew lots about Tuscaloosa.