The Game's face is apparently well-recognized around the globe.

On Monday (March 2), the Los Angeles rapper shared a video on Instagram claiming that he'd just gotten pulled over with his friend while driving in a Ferrari. However, he says they were able to get out of the ticket simply because the cops knew who he was.


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“Ayo, police just pulled us over in the 'Rari. Guess what?" Game says while sitting in the passenger seat. "Niggas saw my face and they said, 'Yo get the fuck out of here, Game! You Gucci!' We outta here! Deuces, baby! Aye, no matter where I'm at baby, this face good! Aight? Look at po-po. Yeah, they out. We Gucci."

In related news, Game has been sharing his thoughts on the rap game recently on Twitter. In a series of tweets posted on Feb. 22, he cautioned upcoming rappers to remain independent and own their masters.

"This rap shit will KILL YOU. Literally," he tweeted. "The labels sign young artists to slave deals & their only concern is how they can use you to make more money. They don’t even advertise or market you no more, they let u do it yourself on IG while they sit back, steal & wait 4 the next you. Stay INDEPENDENT. OWN your masters. Do the work yourself & the payoff will be worth it. Almost 20 years in music & not once did anyone tell me this. Shit, I’m still waiting on them to tell YOU."

Then a few days later, Game shared his thoughts on the state of today's music, and said that he feels the internet is forcing wack music on people so much that they start thinking it's good.

"The internet forces you to listen to wack ass music," he wrote. "It’s so much of it, you’re brainwashed to thinkin the shit actually sound like sumn."

The Game just dropped music of his own in November with his Born 2 Rap album, but he has said that the project will be his last.

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