The U.S. Now Has The 1st Case Of Human To Human Coronavirus Transmission

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus with either concerns or super funny memes.  However, now the United States has the first case of human-to-human Coronavirus transmission.  According to ABC News, “The World Health Organization declared coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern at a news conference Thursday in Geneva.”

The Coronavirus has already had my attention, but now I am zoned in because it is now in the United States.  According to NPR, “The respiratory virus was spread from a woman who had recently traveled in China to her husband when she returned to Chicago, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said at a press briefing.”  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, it has a map listed with the states that have Coronavirus cases.  Also, the “Patients under Investigation in the United States, 5 are positive, 68 are negative, and 92 are pending.”

Here is the informational link from the World Health Organization about the Novel coronavirus and sections for information on how to “protect yourself, travel advice, myth-busters, situation reports, and technical guidance.”

(Source - for the full story from ABC News, click here).

(Source - for the full story from NPR, click here).

(Source - for the full story from the CDC, click here).

(Source - for the informational services from the WHO, click here).

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