As soon as I moved to Tuscaloosa, I noticed something was very popular among the kids here. They loved Youtube and wanted to have their own Youtube channel.

Back in high school and my early college days, I was very active on Youtube. I started randomly uploading some videos on Youtube and ended up going what we would call today, viral.

What started as a quick video of me and two of my fellow bandmates playing a tuba fanfare, quickly became a staple in the band community. This video has close to a million views and has been viewed all over the world. I still receive messages today in languages I can't understand about this video.


I can only imagine how professional Youtubers feel when they consistently have viral videos. After reminiscing on the good old days, I wondered what was the most popular Youtube channel in Alabama.

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I recall being at some event across West Alabama, or being on the UA campus and seeing some pretty popular Youtubers. At the time I didn't even know they were Youtube famous until someone pointed it out to me and it blew my mind. A lot of times, you think of those people living in California not being casual having a regular day in Alabama.

Do you know all of the popular Youtube stars from Alabama? Who would you say is the most popular? According to Fandom, it's a channel called The LaBrant Fam and they have the most subscribers in the state with 13.1 million subscribers.

I went over to their channel to see what all the hype was bout and I enjoyed their video! I watched a video where they swapped babies with a family member to see if their toddler would notice. Lol! That is definitely something I'd do with my kids.

I know what you're thinking. You want to know if their toddler noticed the switch right?! Well, I won't give it away, you can see for yourself!


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