I know many of us started the new year off eating right and exercising. If you're still doing good in that lifestyle change, you might want to stay away from these food items. If you're willing to indulge in some great local food, keep reading.

I recently came across a Northport food truck that serves burgers, wings, and hot dogs. Although the pictures of those items looked good, that's not what caught my eye. It was the nachos for meeeeeee.

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These aren't your average nachos. They were "Big Tasty BBQ Nachos."

From what I could see in the picture, the nachos made my mouth water. Loads of cheese, perfectly drizzled barbecue sauce, banana peppers, and jalapenos. the kicker is there is some kind of meat. It looks like pulled pork. WOW! Who created this? Why haven't I tried this yet?

Besides the nachos, they also serve loaded fries and loaded hot dogs. The food truck that claims these beautifully crafted meals is none other than Big Tasty.

I've never tried food from this truck but the pictures alone look amazing. I just know the food is as good as it looks. One day soon, I have to find them and grab a plate. Luckily, they post their daily location on their Facebook page.

Have you ever heard of Big Tasty food truck? If so, what's your favorite thing to order?

To see their full menu or learn more about Big Tasty, visit them on Facebook.

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