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Pulling up to the McDonald’s drive-thru at any hour of the night for all fast food needs is a quintessential part of the American Dream. However, more often than not, McFlurry-lovers everywhere are greeted with six little words on the other side of the intercom they never want to hear:

“The ice cream machine is broken.”

Rashiq Zahid, a 24-year-old software engineer from Germany, found an excellent solution for the age-old strife between the McDonald’s ice cream machine and dessert enthusiasts across the United States.

“McBroken” is a free website that notifies users if any of the McDonald’s in their surrounding area have working ice cream machines available. It may not fix the machines as they break, but it does save weary travelers the hassle and disappointment of going all the way to a beloved Mcdonald's drive-thru for ice cream, only to be rejected.

Every 30 minutes, McBroken attempts to add an ice cream sundae to its cart on the McDonalds app for every franchise in the United States. If the ice cream machine is broken at any of the McDonald’s locations, it will not allow a sundae to be added to the cart. McBroken then places a red dot over that location.

Simply, if a McDonald’s near you has a red dot over it, the ice cream machine is unfortunately out of commission. However, if a green dot is seen on the map, the ice cream machine at that McDonald’s is ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.

In 2016, according to data acquired from Quantifind, an analytics company, the most common customer complaint about the fast-food chain was their perpetually broken ice cream machines.

McDonald’s has responded to the national outcry for working ice cream machines. They assembled a task force this month, determined to fix their broken ice cream machines, and put an end to the business-killing stereotype.

“McDonald’s is no longer the butt of the joke,” said Tyler Gamble, leader of McDonald’s National Supply Leadership Council, in an interview with Business Insider.

The company issued a statement to CNN regarding McBroken, saying employees are "committed to making sweet treats" available at all of its locations worldwide.

“We're ... regularly working with our franchisees and suppliers on improving and enhancing the restaurant experience so that customers can continue to enjoy McDonald's food where and when they want it," the statement read.

A quick disclaimer, however: McBroken does not account for an overworked employee who is simply too tired to be bothered with making an Oreo McFlurry at 3 a.m.

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