Swizz Beatz and Timbaland created an online song battle for celebrity artists to go head to head on Instagram live. The point is to see which artist, songwriter, or producer has the best top 20 hits out of the two. This weekend Nelly will faceoff against Ludacris and DreDay will do and special Throwback Thursday mix featuring the two today!


There have been so many great battles in the Versuz series. Babyface against Teddy Riley, Lil Jon against T-pain, but this weekend's battle might go down in history. I'm #TeamLuda! I think he has the best hits going against Nelly, but you can't count Nelly out. Country Grammar was groundbreaking and so was Air Force 1's. How do those songs compare against Ludacris' Southern Hospitality or the epic hit Move? We're going to find out today in the 5 O'Clock Turn Up Mix with me, The Big Dawg DreDay. For Throwback Thursday, and in honor of their upcoming battle, I'll be doing a Nelly Vs. Ludacris battle on the air. You don't want to miss this!

You can claim a team now or tune in and enjoy the mix, either way, you're sure to hear some throwback songs you're going to love. If you have a request for some great throwback Nelly or Ludacris songs you'd like to hear, let me know on Facebook @TheBigDawgDreDay.

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