US News recently ranked the best high schools in the nation and we found the top-ranking high school in the Tuscaloosa metro area.

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US News recently calculated the best high school rankings by ranking college readiness, state assessment performance and proficiency, student performance college curriculum, and graduation rate of schools in the Tuscaloosa metro area.


There. In all, there are 16 high schools in the Tuscaloosa metro area including Paul W. Bryant, Pickens County, Holt, Greene County, Gordo, Aliceville, Sipsey Valley, Brookwood High School, and others.

Out of the 16 schools in the Tuscaloosa metro area. One school reigned supreme as number one in the metro.

Northridge High School is ranked number one with a 95% graduation rate, a 27 a college readiness grade enrollment of 1133 students in total.

Northridge also ranked number 29 overall in Alabama high schools and was ranked number one in Tuscaloosa city high schools.

The AP participation rate of North Ridge High School is 35% and the total minority enrollment is 44% with 28% of students being economically disadvantaged.

The second-ranked high school in the Tuscaloosa metro area was Hillcrest High school. Hillcrest happened to be the number one high school in Tuscaloosa County.


Overall, Hillcrest ranked 71 of all Alabama high schools and had an AP participation rate of 34% with their total minority enrollment at 58%. And 51% of students are economically disadvantaged.

Overall, Northridge earned a scorecard of 84.59, and Hillcrest High earned an overall score of 68.83 points with US News.

Click here to see the overall rankings and where the other 14 schools in the Tuscaloosa Metro metro area ranked.

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