On Thursday (Sept. 24), Tory apologized to his fans via Twitter for not coming forward sooner, presumably referring to him not addressing the series of events that have transpired since the shooting involving Megan took place back in July.

"To my fans ... I’m sorry for my silence .... but respectfully .. I got time today ...... 9 PM PST .," he posted on Twitter.

torylanez via Twitter
torylanez via Twitter

Shortly after Tory posted the message, reactions flooded in instantly with supporters of Megan calling for Tory to silence himself. Other fans commented about looking forward to hearing what additional information he has to offer about the incident that took place on July 12.

Tory's unexpected announcement that he will be speaking out later tonight comes after Megan confirmed that she was shot by the Canadian rhymer last month. During an Instagram Live session in August, Megan Thee Stallion named Tory as her attacker while affirming that he and his team had been lying about how the shooting went down.

"Since y'all hoes so worried ’bout it," Meg said on the livestream. "Yes, this nigga Tory shot me. You shot me. And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying and shit. Stop lying. Why lie? I don't understand. I tried to keep the situation off the internet, but you dragging it. You really fuckin’ dragging it. Muthafuckas talkin’ ’bout I hit this nigga. I never hit you. Muthafuckas was like, 'Oh, she mad ’cause he was tryna fuck with Kylie.' No, I wasn't. You dry shot me."

A few weeks later, a report emerged online claiming that Tory apologized for shooting Megan via text message. He reportedly blamed his actions on being intoxicated.

Tory was arrested on July 12 in Los Angeles and charged with a felony for carrying a concealed firearm after police responded to a disturbance outside a home in the Hollywood Hills in California. The incident allegedly involved Tory, Megan and her friend, who were all three seen on video footage when cops stopped their vehicle and had them exit.

When authorities arrived at the initial scene of the shooting, witnesses claimed there was an argument and gunshots were fired. Once police found the vehicle, Tory was arrested after the SUV was searched and a gun was located inside. Megan was seen limping outside of the SUV in the same video footage showing the cops having both her, Tory and her friend exit the vehicle.


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