I thought meth labs were so early and mid-2000s. I was completely wrong. The addiction to meth as well as opioids like heroin and the manufacturing of those drugs is still rampant.

According to the National Institute on Drug Use, a 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health noted that “over 14.7 million people (5.4 percent of the population) have tried methamphetamine at least once.” Also, that “it remains one of the most commonly misused stimulant drugs in the world.”

The American Addiction Centers, discusses that “the nationwide trend of opioid addiction leaves no state untouched. Each day, 2.1 million Americans abuse opioids.”

Heartbreaking news.

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There is an interactive map that helps you find out the mile radius to the closest spot that has been used as a drug house. Here is the terrifying news, in Alabama, “there have been 928 clandestine labs.” This means that those locations are where illegal drugs have been manufactured.

How close are you to a meth lab? There is a helpful interactive map from American Addiction Centers. You can use it to see how close you are to a neighborhood drug den. I put in the radio station’s address, and we are 2.02 miles from a location that has been used as a clandestine laboratory. Remember that just because a clandestine lab is near you doesn’t mean that they are still in production.

Click here to find out if one is near your home, office, or school.

What about other parts of Tuscaloosa County? I tried a few places that I frequent in the search analysis, and here is what information was given to me.

Coaling, 35453 - 2.32 miles away

Cottondale, 35453 - .42 miles away

Northport, 35476 – 2.64 miles away

Tuscaloosa, 35401 - 1.77 miles away

Tuscaloosa, 35406 – 2.21 miles away

Perspective: Alabama is not in the top five states with a meth problem, but we still have issues. The states with a high rate of meth problems are Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Indiana.

Possible reason: The American Addiction Centers commented that “meth is more potent than in its mid-2000s heyday, and far more affordable as well.”

(Source) Click here for more information and to visit the interactive map from the American Addiction Centers. Click here for more information from the National Institute on Drug Use.

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