Tuscaloosa native and current LSU punter, Jay Bramblett, met with the media this week to discuss the upcoming matchup against Alabama.

Bramblett, a Hillcrest graduate, mentioned that lots of people from home were calling and asking for tickets to the premiere game.

“Too many people... we aren't going to go all the way down that list, that’ll be probably a bit too many.”

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As a special teams player, Bramblett noted the importance of flipping the field against the Alabama offense.

“I think it’s huge, a lot of people don't think special teams is that important, but when you look at a game like this where it could be neck and neck, 10 or 15 yard field changes can be the difference,” said Bramblett. “If we’re punting the ball 10 or 15 yards farther than they are, in the long run that adds up and it’s a first down or more that they have to get.” 

Bramblett also believes his team’s confidence level is growing ahead of the Alabama game.

“Guys want to win, everybody wants to win, that’s why we are here,” said Bramblett. “We’re at LSU, we want to be a championship football program and if you want to do that then you’ll do what’s necessary.”

Bramblett spent his first three years at Notre Dame where he averaged 41.6 yards on 164 total punts.

The senior punter transferred to LSU in January, shortly after his head coach Brian Kelly made the move from South Bend to Baton Rouge.

“I love Coach Kelly to death, I feel like I owe him a ton for giving me the opportunity to come down here,” said Bramblett. “I’ve built a really great relationship with him.”

This season, Bramblett is currently averaging 45.5 yards on 28 punts.

Bramblett’s father, Mike, is the head football coach at Brookwood High School located in the West Alabama area. The Bramblett family will surely be tuned in on Saturday night, as Jay faces off against his hometown team in a huge top-ten matchup.

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