If you've ever been concerned about the right and wrong things to do when having an encounter law enforcement, be sure to set an alarm so you don't miss this information session.

"Surviving the Encounter" will be held at the Plum Grove Baptist Church (2822 Fosters Ferry Rd) on Tuesday, December 10 at 6 pm. This two-hour event, presented by Officer Antonio Bostic, is specially geared towards those ages 15-21. Participants will receive information on how to interact with law enforcement and what one needs to know to survive the encounter. there will be breakout sessions and refreshments will be served. There is no admission. (Click here for more information.)

In a day and time where we are more likely to interact with law enforcement, and "ignorance of the law is no excuse," it is imperative for our children to be aware of what actions should and shouldn't be taken to make sure they make it home safely.

It's also wonderful to see an officer serving his community in a capacity that is not mandatory and isn't in his job description, but Officer Bostic is putting his expertise to use to fulfill a need in the community. So, he is to be commended.

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