Emma Caroline Warren, a Tuscaloosa local and contestant on this season of NBC’s “The Voice," faced fellow Team Blake singer Cam Anthony in a battle round in the show's latest episode.

The judges sang high praises of the duet’s “10,000 Hours” performance. The song, originally performed by Dan + Shay featuring Justin Bieber, opened with stronger vocals from Anthony as Warren followed with a fluttery falsetto. As their performance came to a close, their voices collided in a series of harmonic runs that made the judges swoon.

“Emma, you’ve got this really pure, beautiful tone that I think makes you stand out,” said fellow celebrity judge Nick Jonas.

John Legend, another celebrity judge on Season 20, also complemented Warren’s strong vocal tone.

“Emma, your tone is really lovely,” Legend said. “That clarity, that grace, the power – it’s really enjoyable to listen to your voice.”

Anthony and Warren are both on the same team under country superstar Blake Shelton, whose task was to decide – and advance – the better half of the duet.

“Emma, you’re an incredible vocalist, and it only appeared that you were having as much fun as we were listening to you in the moments where you weren’t singing,” Shelton said. “It’s frustrating to know you’re that great of a singer, and I don’t know that you believe that you’re that great of a singer, because of your body language.”

While the judges were wary that Warren's confidence was strong enough to withstand the tough competition, Shelton decided to use his "save" to rescue her from elimination, thus choosing to keep both artists. But, not after making her sweat a little in fear of going home.

"I wanted to scare some stage presence into you," Shelton told Warren after dropping the bombshell that she would remain in the competition. "Emma, you have a gift, you really do. And you're so much more than someone's backup singer."

Shelton added that he believes Warren's talent deserves to command center stage, but it's ultimately her choice to have the confidence to own it.

"You've got to give us something to see," he told her. "That's what we're going to work on. I wasn't going to let you go home, but I wanted to scare you a little bit."


After a few tears and a whole lot of promises for improvement, Warren exited the stage alive for another week on The Voice.

As Warren advances to the next round, stay tuned here for more updates on her vocal journey with NBC’s The Voice, airing on Mondays at 7 p.m. CT.

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