In this day and age, it’s quite amazing how angry some people become when others choose progressive movement rather than holding onto the differences that separate us all.

Thankfully, the University of Alabama is acknowledging the existence of social injustice and is working to create a level field in the interactions of its police department.

According to a press release from the institution, the University of Alabama Police Department will take part in the Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement (RITE) Academy on Thursday, Sept. 3.

The training is designed to teach officers ways to understand and improve their bias and internal communication. This includes techniques that improve the officer’s communication on the front line, which will help to de-escalate situations and also improve accountability standards within the department.

It goes without saying that not all officers of the law are racially biased when it comes to interacting with those who are of different races, but the fact that the University of Alabama is making sure its officers participate in training to decrease such instances is noteworthy.

While Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama are making national headlines for negative occurrences, this is one step in the right direction toward moving beyond the biases which perpetuate racist ideology.

Great work, UA! As the first SEC school to undergo such training for its officers, you’re certainly champions where it counts: on and off the field! Roll Tide!

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