I love decorating my apartment, but it's hard to do when you're on a budget. I wish I had the cash to make all my cottagecore dreams come true with an Anthropolgie shopping spree, but as I do not have said cash or a sugar daddy/glucose guardian, a girl's gotta make do.

Want to know how I create unique art for my place without spending a ton of money? I hit up the thrift store!

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That's right: the thrift store. I hit up the thrift store on Skyland Boulevard and found a few framed paintings I liked. These are usually the mass-produced stuff that someone's grandma hung on her walls, but it fits my AESTHETIC.

I then go home and use Windex to clean the frames before writing/drawing whatever I want directly on the frame with paint pens. Here's yesterday's creation.

Meg Summers/TSM
Meg Summers/TSM

I added song lyrics from The National's "Sea of Love" in a silver pen, and now I have an one-of-a-kind painting for my bedroom wall.

Cool, huh? Check out the second painting I made yesterday afternoon. This one features lyrics from one of my favorite Radiohead songs.

Meg Summers/TSM
Meg Summers/TSM

Isn't she a cutie? I hung this one in my kitchen.

This is such an easy craft, y'all. It took me like six minutes to do both of these paintings. Again, all you need are some pens and thrift store art! You can also find some really great pieces at estate sales, antique stores, or Facebook Marketplace.

The only limit here is your creativity. My daughter took a landscape picture and drew in tons of Among Us dudes. It was easy and fun.

Try it out and use our app to send me pics of your creations!

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