When one seeks to do a good deed, it is never believed that death would be the end result.  Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened for one Alabama family.

Mortimer Jordan High School football coach Obed Ellis was injured in a shooting that killed his 11-year-old son, Troy Ellis.

The father and son were taking part in a turkey hunt, which was organized by a group that sponsors hunts for wounded veterans. The elder Ellis was acting as a guide.  It was one of the veterans who is said to have shot the child, according to the Associated Press.

Joshua Stewart Burks is the man accused in the shooting.  He turned himself in and was charged with reckless manslaughter.

Burks is said to be a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and a middle school teacher. Though the details of the incident are still murky, the shooting is said to have been an accident and wasn't triggered by any past traumas or PTSD.

Burks' attorney said he doesn't think criminal charges should have been brought forth.
There are so many questions resulting from this incident.

Were there waivers, removing responsibility in case of accident? Were there other safety measures in place? Buddy systems where participants would consult with others in a group to prevent themselves from accidentally shooting other participants? Did the participants wear orange while moving? Did Burks simply hear a turkey call and decided to shoot in that direction?

If this was indeed an accident, which happened at the hands of a veteran of the armed forces who was not triggered, reckless manslaughter seems to be a reasonable charge.

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