Volt Cosmetics - Black Business Friday

We are celebrating Black-Owned Businesses on Black Friday, November 29, 2019.  Here at 92.9 WTUG, Praise 93.3/WTSK, and 105.1 The Block, we feel it is vital to support black-owned businesses.

Volt Cosmetics is a make-up for everyone. The make-up is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Volt was created approximately 1.5 years ago. It started with a name and developed into a beauty brand. Shop With Volt will currently consist of cosmetics. Eventually, it will transform into the ultimate beauty brand. You will be able to get make-up, clothing, accessories, hair extensions, lashes, and more.


Currently, there are six liquid to matte lipsticks offered as well as one eyeshadow trio palette. The name of the lipsticks is Ruby, Vixen, Creme, Flirt, Mulberry, and Doll. These colors are great ways to start your Volt collection. The reason behind that is because the next phase of Volt will help you start to complete your sets and looks. Next, there will be a lip liner, lip gloss collections as well as a retractable eyebrow pencil. Volt carries cosmetics for every girl! The fact that the makeup is vegan and cruelty-free just makes it a bigger win for everyone.

I'm sure you all are looking forward to purchasing a few items. You can shop online at shopwithvolt.com. You can also follow on Instagram at Instagram.com/ShopWithVolt. Please tag us in your photos to be a featured #VoltBeauty. If you are an MUA, email us at info@shopwithvolt.com and inquire about our Volt Masters program. #ShopWithVolt

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