Watch How You Speak To Me, Mars Is In Retrograde

Since the start of this week, I've been extra aggressive and very snappy. After speaking with Mary K, form our sister station WTUG, I learned that Mars was in retrograde and this could be the cause. I was immediately intrigued and had to dig deeper.

I've never been one to read too much into astrology. Personally, I only believe the horoscopes when they fit me. If it's not flattering, I'm like "They don't know my sign!" Lol! Am I the only one?

Planet Mars at sunrise

After my conversation with Mary K, I decided to look into what Mars being in retrograde really meant because I honestly had no idea. Especially after always hearing about Mercury being in retrograde. I found that Mars in retrograde basically means it's changing directions. According to Collegian, from our perspective on Earth, there are periods of time when specific planets appear to be orbiting backward. We later found that they don't orbit backward but it just appears that way here on Earth.

When Mars is in retrograde, generally you will feel stagnant in the workplace and communication won't be at it's best in general. This could be why I've all of a sudden become snappy and just have not been in the best of moods.

As with all retrograde, this is the time to reflect on me and look at ways I can improve my own communication, get a better understanding of my personal and professional goals as well as seek to understand others during conflicts instead of being frustrated.

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