5:58 pm Storm Debris on AL25 NB @ MP 67.2 at Water Oak Rd in Greensboro. Expect major delays.

5:27 pm Awful, awful, awful damage in Centreville, AL

4:59 pm  Tornado in Hale County cut a 20 mile long swath across county. Numerous calls for help to 9-1-1 for assistance

4:38 pm Road blocked with trees down HWY 14 and County Road 21, Greensboro

4:24 pm HOMES DAMAGED IN WEST BLOCTON IN BIBB COUNTY: A number of Homes in the Mt Carmel community were damaged by fallen trees and strong winds

4:09 pm Damage along Mt Carmel Drive in West Blocton, Bibb County

3:12 pm Emergency crews in Bibb County still cutting trees in damage area on Highway 5 in West Blocton. Have not found any injuries among those who were entrapped.

1:55 pm Helena FD reporting no injuries

1:54 pm Several Trees uprooted at Pelham High School

1:49 pm Confirmed Tornado on ground near Aliceville

1:49 pm Confirmed Tornado on ground near Aliceville

1:31 pm Confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado located over Oak Mountain Amphitheater.

1:21 pm Confirmed Tornado near Helena

12:47 pm Hale County EMA reports: All damage on CR50 is numerous trees and power lines. No structural damage found at this point.

12:39 pm Hale County Road 50, 8 miles out of Moundville. Trees down and blocking roads.

12:30 pm Confirmed Tornado - considered large and extremely dangerous near low gap

12:15 pm Debris signature, on the cell moving across northern Hale County,

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