What Can Be Done About Hungry Families In Alabama

Since I've moved to Alabama I've heard stories about how bad the food insecurity situation is for families. I want to do my part to help this issue.

After a year and some months living in Alabama, I'm still hearing stories about families needing food. Simply because families do not make enough money to have food for everyone. I came across a west Alabama resident who is stepping up to aid families in need of food. Her name is Diva.

Diva C. Hall is a Tuscaloosa native and graduate of Stillman College. While at Stillman, Diva developed a project entitled Diva’s Day of Giving. In 2015, this project was founded to serve the Stillman and Tuscaloosa communities through service and community outreach. Since it's inception, Diva’s Day of Giving has donated hundreds of holiday meals and gifts to the Stillman College custodial and cafeteria staff, McKenzie Court Housing Community, and The Rosedale Housing Community.

According to Feeding America.Org, African American households have significantly lower household incomes than white, non-Hispanic households. African Americans are also more than twice as likely to face hunger. Eight of the 10 counties with the highest food insecurity rates in the nation are at least 60% African American.

This year, Diva's Day Of Giving will seek to help out three area families with not just groceries but, utilities as well. Diva will be taking donations up until December 18th, 2020.

If you'd like to assist or donate to help these families with Diva's Day Of Giving please contact Diva Hall at divahall39@gmail.com. If you'd like to support families in need after December 18th, 2020 visit the West Alabama Food Bank. 

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