Alabamians are really feeling the increase in the price of gas. From Facebook posts about how much it costs to fill up to funny memes about taking out loans to pay for gas.

Is there any relief on the way? Doesn’t appear that way.

The entire United States is feeling the pressure at the pump. AAA listed Alabama along with 9 other states with the largest weekly increases.

+58 cents

Rhode Island

+57 cents


+56 cents




+55 cents

West Virginia


+54 cents


+52 cents

New Hampshire

New Jersey

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Let’s talk about diesel fuel. Patrick De Haan, on Twitter as the @GasBuddyGuy, posted that “according to GasBuddy data, the average price of diesel in the US has reached $5 per gallon, the highest level ever recorded.”

According to AAA, “as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, crude prices soar, leading to higher pump prices in the U.S. The national average for a gallon of gas is $4.06, a staggering 45 cents more than a week ago, 62 cents more than a month ago, and $1.30 more than a year ago. The national average has not been this high since July 2008.”

We Found the Lowest Priced Gas in West Alabama

We have listed the top 2 lowest prices on regular gas in counties in our coverage area from Gas Buddy which gathers price information by user submissions. Therefore, this information can change.


$3.89 at Citgo 4901 Truman Aldridge Pkwy West Blocton, AL

$4.15 at Texaco 28845 AL-5 Woodstock, AL

$4.15 at Judy’s Korner Store 1497 Grey Hill Road Green Pond, AL

$4.15 at Texaco 20640 Eastern Valley Road Green Pond, AL


$4.04 at Texaco 302 2nd Ave SE Fayette, AL

$4.05 at The Hub 319 Columbus St. West Fayette, AL

$4.05 Hocutts Gas & Grocery 289 US-13 South Berry, AL


$4.09 at Chevron at CR-20 Boligee, AL

$4.09 at Marathon 17945 CR-20 Boligee, AL

$4.09 at Circle K 30054 US-11 Knoxville, AL

$4.15 at Love’s Travel Store at 7561 Mesopotamia St. Eutaw, AL


$3.99 at County Line Grocery at 40819 AL-69 Moundville, AL

$3.99 at Shell 40829 AL-69 Moundville, AL

$3.99 at Chevron 1305 State Street Greensboro, AL

$4.05 at Maraathon 40207 AL-69 Moundville, AL


$3.89 at Rogers 76 Truck Stop 4763 AL-18 Vernon, AL

$4.04 at Texaco 44390 AL-17 Vernon, AL


$4.19 at Chevron 300 Washington St Uniontown, AL

No other gas station was reported or was over $5.00 at the time of this story


$4.09 at Circle K 378 2nd SW Gordo, AL

$4.09 at Shell 114 1st Ave E Reform, AL

$4.09 at Shell 425 1st Ave W Reform, AL

$4.11 at Chevron 24921 US 82 Gordo, AL


$3.97 at Citgo 601 4th Ave York, AL

$4.06 at Chevron 39336 AL-17 Emelle, AL


$3.94 at Sam’s Club 1401 Skyland Blvd. East Tuscaloosa, AL

$3.99 at Citgo 22074 AL-216 Bucksville, AL

$3.99 at Marathon 10902 Covered Bridge Rd Brookwood, AL


$3.18 at Exxon at 667 US-78 Sumiton, AL

$3.69 at The Blue Store 5595 Coon Creek Rd Empire, AL

(Source) Click here for more from AAA. Click here to follow Patrick De Haan on Twitter. Click here for details from GasBuddy for Alabama.

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