Maybe this is something that I'm not accustomed to because I'm not from Alabama. But it seems that everywhere in West Alabama closes early for some reason.


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So earlier this week, my wife and I really wanted to go to this one particular store, we made sure we checked everything off of our checklist that we had to do before we enjoyed a nice day out shopping. About an hour before we left the house, I decided to check to make sure the store was still open. I was sure they closed close to 8 or 9p.

Never did I think that the store would actually be closed or be closing soon, but I wanted to check for good measure. Sure enough, I googled the store and they closed at 5:30. WHAT?! I was angrier than Nick Saban coaching LSU.


Why does this store close so early? And the thing is, this is not the third or fifth time I've found at a store in Tuscaloosa that closes so early. Maybe it's the pandemic, and people are just short on staff. But I really think this has been happening for at least the last three years, Am I expecting too much? All I want is for the store to stay open at least till seven o'clock. This was at least two hours before 7pm.

Back home in Florida, I know that the same store would have still been open until at least  8:30, but for some reason, in Tuscaloosa, the store closed at 5:30pm.


So I need to hear from all my native Alabamians. Is this something that I need to get used to? I hope not, but let me know inside our free app chat feature

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