Do you know a great hack to clean the outside bottom of pots and pans? This viral video may have given me an idea.

By now there are a few things I've learned to accept about myself. The first, is I'm not great a decorating anything. My room, my office, or even the outside of a postcard. The second is that I may be a bit of a hoarder. Another huge thing I've learned to accept is that I love to learn cleaning hacks. But who doesn't?!

While scrolling on Facebook, I came across a viral video that claimed to show a cleaning hack for pots and pans. I've honestly tried a viral hack in the kitchen with pots and pans before and it didn't work, I felt like I wasted time and money trying to clean a burned pot. So naturally, when I saw this video I immediately wanted to scroll past it. Somehow I ended up watching the full almost 4-minute video and now I want to try it myself! The cleaning solution used in the video only consisted of:

Baking Soda

White Vinegar

Paper Towels

Brillo Pad

Dawn Dish Soap


That's it?! I was shocked to see that "It worked" in the video. Check it out for yourself and see if you believe in the results.



As soon as I finished the video, I went to the comments to see if anyone had tried this hack before. I've heard about vinegar and baking soda being used as cleaning agents before so I was kind of leaning toward this being a real solution. I did see a lot of people claiming it worked but I'm still not ready to believe them just yet.

Has anyone in Alabama tried this hack? Is there a certain method or hack you use to clean the outside bottom of your pans? I'd love to hear about what works for you because I need to clean my pans or buy new ones and I'd rather clean them instead.

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