Don't judge me, but I saw a clip on Tik Tok of a pet monkey helping someone cook. I'd never let a monkey help cook food that I'd eat but it did make me think about something. One day, it might be cool to have a pet monkey. could I have one in the state of Alabama?


Social media makes me think of the weirdest things but my pet monkey thoughts led to another idea. Am I the only one who has randomly made a list of exotic pets I'd get when I get rich? Tigers, huge exotic snakes, maybe even a bengal or two. Lol!
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Now I'm wondering what animals can you legally not have as pets in the Yellowhammer state? In case you're curious like me, I've done the research and compiled a list. According to Find Law, the following animals are not allowed as pets in the state.

10 Pets You CAN'T Own In Alabama



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