1051 The Block Certified Weekend: Drake 

This weekend Drake will celebrate his birthday and we're doing something special to celebrate. We're giving you access to all of Drake's hits all weekend long!

This weekend, it's officially a Drake Certified Weekend. That means you have access to all of Cardi's top hits. We'll be dropping hit after hit all weekend long on 1051 The Block! On October 24th, Drake will be 35 years old. That's right, Drake is a Scorpio! Did you know OVO stood for October's Very Own? Don't judge me, I recently figured out that's what it meant. Lol!

I remember hearing my first Drake song, it was "Over." I was in college and would play it daily. He snapped! Sounded like a seasoned vet on that track and a lot of others. It makes sense that his career is legendary. Drake has so many awards it doesn't make sense! He's won BET Awards, Billboard music awards, American music awards, BMI awards, and even awards for the Songwriters Hall Of Fame!

I can't wait to turn up to all of my favorite Drake hits all weekend long. He kills it on his own tracks, but his features are ridiculous too!  No lie with 2 Chainz is a smash hit. What's my name with Rihanna & Work! I can't wait! We're doing this one for all of the Scorpios.

Let us know what Drake hits you want to hear. Shoot us a message on Instagram @1051TheBlock. 

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