The 2021 Hurricane Season kicks off June 1st and lasts through November. Peak hurricane season happens in August and September. 2020 was for sure a record-breaking hurricane season. The Farmer’s Almanac noted that 2020 was the “busiest season in the 169-year history of record-keeping.”

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Our area is pretty far inland from the Alabama coastline. However, the impacts from hurricanes can occur hundreds of miles inland. According to the National Weather Service in Birmingham, “Central Alabama was also impacted by multiple tropical systems in 2017 and 2020, several of which caused extensive wind damage.”

Wind damage is not the only impact that could take place in our area. As a hurricane moves along its track inland, it can also bring heavy rains, which could cause various types of flooding. In addition, there is the potential for severe weather with possible tornadoes as they are embedded in the rainbands of a hurricane.

Will we have an active Hurricane Season? The Colorado State University meteorologists are predicting an above-average season. Here are the following forecast parameters for the Forecast for 2021 Hurricane Activity:

17 Named Storms

80 Storm Days

8 Hurricanes

35 Hurricane Days

4 Major Hurricanes

9 Major Hurricane Days

The Saffir-Simpson scale is used to rate hurricanes and is ranked by wind speeds.

Category One Hurricane - Winds 74-95 mph

Category Two Hurricane - Winds 96-110 mph

Category Three Hurricane - Winds 111-129 mph

Category Four Hurricane - Winds 130-156 mph

Category Five Hurricane - Winds 157 mph or higher

Best advice stay weather aware this Hurricane Season. Here is some great advice from the National Weather Service National Hurricane Center.

(Source) For more information from the Farmer’s Almanac, click here. For more from the Colorado State University, click here. For more about the Saffir-Simpson scale, click here. Click here to follow the National Weather Service National Hurricane Center Facebook page.

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