21 Savage is revealing the biggest monetary lessons he learned from his meeting with Jay-Z.

Battle rapper-turned-podcaster Math Hoffa continues to roll out his multi-part My Expert Opinion podcast interview with 21 Savage after sharing another clip earlier this week. During the segment that aired on Wednesday (June 8), the Atlanta rapper spoke on meeting Hov in 2019, and the gems 21 received from the rap mogul during the encounter.

"He just told me his top three things that he spend his money on," 21 Savage revealed at the 2:30-mark of the interview. "He just was like, 'chef,' I went and got a chef. A doctor, I went and got a doctor. And he said a lawyer. I already had a lawyer at the time."

"He was telling me about art, too. I started investing in art and shit," 21 added.

The "A Lot" rapper said the advice he got from the billionaire MC was sound, especially employing a chef and having a doctor on call.

"I eat cleaner. I don't really gotta leave the house as much," 21 revealed. "And the doctor is convenient, too. I hate hospitals and shit. It's just good to have on call. He got a different level of doctor, though. His doctor and my shit is different. He got a real doctor. Not live-in, but they'll come give you surgery at your house, type shit."

Later on, 21 Savage spoke about Jay-Z putting a lawyer on his immigration case after the "Bank Account" rhymer was arrested and threatened with deportation in February of 2019. The move assisted in getting 21 released from custody. Two months later, 21 Savage called Jigga the greatest rapper ever.

See the full 21 Savage interview clip below.

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Big spendin'.

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